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                                  My name is Melissa Coe, and I am a professional Wedding Officiant, Certified Master Life-Cycle Celebrant™ and Contemporary Interfaith Minister based in Portland, Oregon.  My passion is to create inviting, deeply meaningful and personal, unique-only-to-you wedding ceremonies that you and your guests will remember long after your wedding day is over.


                                  In short - I love, love, LOVE celebrating LOVE!  Especially yours!


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                                  Here at Melissa Coe Ceremonies, you won’t find cookie-cutter, boring, redundant, copied-off-the-internet wedding ceremonies and you certainly won’t find predictable!


                                  What you will find is a refreshing, personal and customized approach designed to make your wedding ceremony the BEST one you and your guests have ever attended!  Each ceremony is created to be as unique as you and your love story: personal, meaningful, entertaining, fun and profound.  No two ceremonies are ever the same.


                                  So, let’s get started on creating memories which everyone will talk about for years to come because I absolutely cannot wait to tell your story!


                                  I believe that every life event has meaning and deserves to be recognized and honored, joyfully and sincerely.         



                                  This is why my clients include people from all faiths, paths and orientations. My Celebrant certification has given me an extensive education in the history of ritual and symbolism, as well as in the traditions of world cultures, beliefs and religions.  As an ordained, interfaith, modern minister, I experience great joy and delight by creating ceremonies which authentically speak of your journey and your beliefs.


                                  I love drawing on my education, knowledge and ceremonial experience to help you celebrate your LIFE—both the small and the big parts of it— sincerely, uniquely, joyfully, memorably and always, completely yours.



                                  Your ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day.  Whether you are secular, religious, spiritual, interfaith, nondenominational, or multicultural, I will carefully listen to your stories, memories, beliefs and intentions.  And in a fun, relaxed and collaborative process, we will discover the words, music, readings, symbols and traditions with which you most resonate.  Then, with great heart (as well as a lot of laughter and sometimes, a few tears!), your custom, created-only-for-you wedding ceremony will unfold precisely the way you envisioned it ~ celebrated in the presence of the ones you love.




                                  Finally, you can relax and know that when I officiate your wedding ceremony, I will arrive an hour before your event; I will warmly and sincerely welcome your family and friends as the very important people they are; and that I will conduct your ceremony with professionalism, grace and spoken from the heart. Together, memories will be created that everyone present will cherish and talk about for years to come!



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                                  It’s your wedding.  YOU own it and have complete and total editing rights.  Until it’s exactly the way YOU want it, even if you think of something else the morning of your event, it’s not done until YOU say so.


                                  Contact Melissa


                                  "It’s the special people who help you along the way and who care enough to give of themselves unconditionally.

                                  We now consider you family."


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